COEX Alternatives Inc. is now Bridge Alternative Investments Inc.

Press release

Bridge Alternative Investments Inc. (“Bridge Alternatives”) is excited to announce the acquisition of COEX Partners Alternative Investments Inc., an independent introducing brokerage firm registered with the CFTC and is an NFA Member. The initial Bridge Alternatives team consists of Brian Walls, Ryan Duncan, Keith Johnson, Galen Burghardt, Chris Kennedy and Isabelle Lixi.

The group has worked together for many years as the Alternative Investments Group at Newedge and previously Carr Futures. During this time, the team generated a deep body of work in published research, events, and indices and has fostered a wide, global network of investors, managers, and consultants in the alternative investments industry. Bridge Alternatives will continue to use its advisory and capital introduction capabilities to develop brokerage, consulting, and private placement relationships. Bridge Alternatives’ current FCM clearing and execution partners include Wells Fargo Securities and E D & F Man Capital Markets. In addition, the firm is in the process of becoming a registered broker dealer.

Included in the acquisition is the time Summit, which partners with the Professional Education Institute to provide an invitation-only education and networking event for institutional investors and asset managers. This year’s event, held in Greenwich, CT, featured keynote speaker Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Laureate and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow). Next year’s Summit will feature Bob Litterman as a keynote speaker.

“The Managed Futures industry continues to evolve, and we are excited to position ourselves to remain an integral part of it. Creating Bridge Alternatives gives us the platform and flexibility we need to continue to serve our clients,” concluded Brian Walls.

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